The farm is east of Windsor Colorado but we have customers from all of the cities around Windsor including Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Wellington, Longmont. Watch for us at the Farmers Market in Windsor, Greeley and Loveland. We have roasted chilies (chiles), fresh produce, and of course, the pumpkin patch. Tigges Farm Produce 12404 WCR 64 ½, Greeley, Colorado 80631 Text or Call (year around): 970-576-8970 Email: Phone: (Aug-Oct, 10am -6pm) 970-686-7225 Email:

Colorado Fresh Produce Including Roasted Chilies (Chiles),

Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, and Onions.

Click here for more information on Roasted Chilies The produce stand is like a “farmers market” open August through October. It features fresh produce with 98% of the produce grown at the farm. What isn't grown at the farm is mostly purchased from local farmers.
Please call 970-686-7225 to inquire about tomato, chile pepper, sweet pepper, squash, cucumbers or other produce you might be interested in purchasing in quantity. Orders may be placed by phone. No email orders please.
Tigges Farm is known for its variety of tomatoes that have a great flavor and a meaty center, ideal for canning or salsa or a bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich. You can buy them individually for the table or by the bushel to preserve. Bushels can be ordered ahead of time on site or by phone. Call 970-686-7225. NO e-mail orders. You can request to be put on the tomato call list so you know when the tomatoes have matured.
Onions and garlic are available throughout the season.
Chiles from mild to very hot, eggplant, honey, sweet corn, cucumbers, pie baking pumpkins, honeydew, watermelon and many varieties of squash are available during their harvest season. No potatoes – they got heavy and we got old!
For those who have never preserved food by canning but want to learn, fact sheets are available from CSU Extension or contact your County Cooperative Extension Office for information on taking the Master Food Preserver classes.

Fresh Chilies Grown at Tigges Farm

In Colorado

Available individually or by the Bushel

All the chilies (chiles) sold at Tigges Farm are grown at the farm and picked fresh. Customers who have tired the chilies return as nothing beats the flavor of farm freshness. The most popular is the Big Jim Mix – a special mix of three green Anaheim’s for just the right flavor and heat. You can buy all chilies individually and most by the bushel. They are fire roasted on site at no additional charge. Bushels may be ordered ahead of time on site or by phone at 970-686-7225. NO e-mail orders. Bushel Prices for 2019 are: Anaheim's(Green Chile from mild to XXX Hot) and Sweet Peppers: Full Bushel - $34 1/2 Bushel - $20 1/4 Bushel - $12 Hot Peppers and Poblanos: Full Bushel - $40 1/2 Bushel - $24 1/4 Bushel - $14 Frozen chilies are available in ¼ bushel (a gallon size bag) 1/8 bushel and (a quart size bag) sample packs (snack-pack size bags) Varieties of chilies available from mild to very hot (although varieties can vary some from year to year.) Click the How Hot Are Your Peppers? to see view the varieties of green chile and other hot peppers available and all, but one, grown at Tigges Farm. Colorado Grown Chile is the Best! "How Hot Are Your Peppers?" click here.
Colorado Roasted Chilies
*Usually available by the bushels. Bushels may be ordered ahead on site or by phone. NO e-mail orders. The peak season is mid-September thru early October. Click Here for information on freezing roasted chilies. A lot of the very hot chilies are also available dried. When the chilies begin to turn red, you will find ristra’s available in the produce stand. For those who have never tried roasted chilies, recipes and information and small “sample packs” of frozen roasted chilies may be purchased. Staff will be glad to provide information. We Are At The Farmers Markets! Come see us at the Farmers Markets, mid- August through September. "if" there is someone available to go to the market for us. If you see the white of our eyes - we are there! Sorry, we are too busy to make it in October. Please come to the farm instead. Greeley Farmers Markets – Saturdays only, 8am – noon Loveland Farmers Market – Sundays only, 9am – 1:30pm Windsor Farmers Market (tentative) – Saturdays only, 10 am – noon

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