Open - Aug 13 - Oct Thus, Fri, Sat, Sun - 10am-6pm At risk hours 10am-11am Closed - Mon, Tue, Wed Labor Day Weekend
Must Wear Mask!
Must Social Distance!
Pumpkin Patch Lego Movie to be debuted this fall!
The farm is east of Windsor Colorado but we have customers from all of the cities around Windsor including Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Wellington, Longmont. Tigges Farm 12404 County Road 64 1/2. Greeley, CO 80631 970-686-7225 (Aug thru Oct - Voice and during open hours only) 970-576-8970 (Year around - Voice or Text) Email: Open: Aug 13 thru October (until chiles are gone), Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun Only, 10am-6pm Closed: Mon, Tue, Wed and Labor Day Weekend No pumpkin patch in 2020 Thank You for Your Support!
The Tigges Farm Gift Shop WILL BE OPEN! Shopping will be totally different. COVID REGULATIONS TO BE FOLLOWED MUST WEAR FACE MASK! MUST SOCIAL DISTANCE! GLOVES RECOMMENDED! BRING OWN SHOPPING BAG, IF POSSIBLE! You will enter the south garage door opening and follow the red X's. As you stop - go - stop - go you can look at the cases, walls, shelves at many of the thinigs Tigges Farm staff made, crafted, painted during the COVID Stay-At-Home orders. ASK FOR ASSISTANCE and BE PATIENT! If an item can be reached - a staff member will retrive it, give to you (we will wear gloves) and you put it in your shopping bag and take it to the cash register. If impossible to reach, you may pay for it at cash register and it will be removed after closing and stored for you for pick-up at a later date. It must be pre-paid to be stored. If you passed it up in the red light, green light process, you may ask at cash register. If busy, you may have to go thru the line again! If you are the only one in the shop you may browse. Tigges Farm Artisains The "artistic gene" has been passed down through generations. It is still well and alive and many new creative and artistic talents were discovered during the COVID-19 Stay At Home. We kept our sanity by creating, taking pictures and sharing with text/picture messages. Art work pictures of things you will find in the gift shop are forethcoming.

Tigges Farm Gift Shop

Tigges Farm Exclusive Sahuaro Salsa and Dip Mix - Colorado Product This exclusive dip mix is made at Tigges Farm from Sahuaro roasted chilies, grown at the farm, dried and ground. Our own blend of spices are added. Tortilla chips will jump into your grocery cart in hopes they get to be dipped and eaten. As one customer said, "Dang! That's Good!" Stock up now for all winter. If you do run out, text Kathy at 970-576-8970 and ask if there is any available. It might be your lucky day!
Fire Mountain Jellies and Jams - Colorado Product We will be offering just the following due to limited space this year: Chokecherry Jelly, Peach Habanero, Cherry Jalapeno.
Rice's Luck Clover "Colorado" Honey - Colorado Product Rice's Honey partners with Colorado Beekeepers to bring you authentic raw and unfiltered local honey from the plains and the Rockies. It's light, with a simple smooth taste that's a pure as the driven snow.
COVID - Can Someone Give Me A Definition? This is a booklet written by Kathy Rickart, co-manager of Tigges Farm. As one of the activities she sent out to take minds, hearts and souls off the 24/7 COVID News was this very question. The challenge was to make up sentences or sayings using the letters C O V I D in that order. Some 45 times that day there was text alert dinging on everyone's phone with a sentence. My appologies to all those who had to silence their phones to work that day. The sayings keep popping in now and then and who knows we might have Volume 2 before we are done with this nightmare. Some were serious, some not so serious, some ridiculous, some hilarious! This booklet will be available at the farm this year - get your copy and hope we never go through this again! Here's the cover and page one - the very first COVID saying to show up! It got page 1.