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The farm is east of Windsor Colorado but we have customers from all of the cities around Windsor including Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Wellington, Longmont. Tigges Farm 12404 County Road 64 1/2. Greeley, CO 80631 970-686-7225 (Aug thru Oct - Voice and during open hours only) 970-576-8970 (Year around - Voice or Text) Email: Open: Aug 13 thru October (until chiles are gone), Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun Only, 10am-6pm Closed: Mon, Tue, Wed and Labor Day Weekend No pumpkin patch in 2020 Thank You for Your Support!

Tigges Farm Equipment Museum

In Memory of Robert D. Tigges

The Farm Equipment Museum is open August thru October, 10am – 6pm. It is an outdoor museum located throughout the farm. For those wanting to see the equipment and needing assistance walking, mobile assistance is available upon request. Stop at the produce stand and pick up a walking self-tour guide booklet that will explain all the implements and their uses. Farm Equipment Museum Tour Guide Booklet – click if you would like to read about the 50+ farm implements, tractors, tools or other farm historical items on display During the months of August and September it is just the equipment on display. During October it is adorned with corn shocks and pumpkins to provide great picture places for pumpkin patch visitors and photography enthusiasts. The collection of farm equipment started in 1935 when Phillip and Lucy Tigges bought the farm and started farming in Colorado. Potatoes, corn and pinto beans were big crops in Weld County at that time. They farmed with horses the first year and in 1936 they bought a “C” Case tractor. Then other equipment was bought through the years. Robert Tigges, son of Phillip and Lucy Tigges, and wife Mary continued farming and purchased the farm in 1963. The farm evolved to included sugar beets, alfalfa and dairy cattle. Robert kept all the old equipment because he believed it
should be in a museum. That was his dream. Robert passed away in 1986. Mary, with son, Ken Tigges continued farming. Once again the crops changed with a new venture to include a pumpkin patch and produce for a produce stand. Then the chile roaster appeared on the scene to accommodate the palettes of green chile customers. The no longer needed farm equipment continued to gather in their secluded retirement place on the farm. During the spring of 2011 it was predicted there would be major flooding and the old equipment was in the flood danger area. So it was all moved to higher ground. Ken Tigges, now 3rd generation owner of the farm, and sister partner’s Kathy Rickart and Gale Loefflers decided it might be nice to move it a bit further yet and create a farm equipment museum. Since all the equipment had retired outdoors and had endured the elements, creating a rustic beauty of its own, they would remain retired outdoors, but in locations where people can visit and learn about some of the history of the farm equipment once used. The Farm Equipment Museum opened, September 24-25, 2011. September 27th was Robert Tigges birthday. He would have been 95 years old when his dream came alive.
The majority of the equipment in the museum was used on the farm. A short educational history about each piece of equipment is provided. Visitors can learn what farm equipment was invented during WWII and surprised many returning soldiers, what a “hit and miss” motor looks like, what tractor company led sales and what caused them to fold and what was called a “one armed bandit” and why. More equipment will be added each year and the museum has plans to expand to include farm tools and homemaking tools. To answer your question before you ask. NO – equipment is not for sale. The equipment (some pictured below) in the museum at its opening in 2011 included a Horse Drawn Ditcher/Plow, Lister, Potato Planter, Manure Spreader, late 1950’s-early 1960’s Model A & B John Deere Tractors, 1950’s International Harvester Tractor and pickup, Buck or Dump Rake, Corn Bundler, Corn Sheller, Popcorn Sheller, 1957 Eversman Ditcher, Snowco Bale Loader, Corn Picker, Mayrath Grain Auger, Off-Set Disc, Land Plane, Gravity Wagon, Trencher, Backhoe, Road Drag, Hagie High Boy Fertilizer, and Hagie High Boy with Corn Topper. Small equipment on display and includes a buzz saw, popcorn sheller, hand crank popcorn sheller, push lawn mower and International Harvester Stationary Motor.