The farm is east of Windsor Colorado but we have customers from all of the cities around Windsor including Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Wellington, Longmont. Watch for us at the Farmers Market in Windsor, Greeley and Loveland. We have roasted chilies (chiles), fresh produce, and of course, the pumpkin patch. Tigges Farm Produce 12404 WCR 64 ½, Greeley, Colorado 80631 Text or Call (year around): 970-576-8970 Email: Phone: (Aug-Oct, 10am -6pm) 970-686-7225 Email:

The kid friendly pumpkin patch located in Weld County

Between Windsor and Greeley, Colorado

The Pumpkin Patch opens the last weekend in September 10am -6pm and is open daily in October 9am – 6pm. There is no admission fee. Just grab a wagon and take it to the pumpkin patch to pick your own or pick one outside the produce stand. The medium and large pumpkins are sold by the pound and the small are a set price. Cash or check only – ATM available in October 2019 General Public Prices are: Small, Medium and Large Pumpkin (You pick in the field or at the stand): .40 cents per pound. (Please take the kids out of the wagon before you weigh the pumpkins) Gourmet Pie Baking Pumpkins (Jarrahdale, Cinderella, Lumina are sold by the pound. Small Sugar Pie (in the bin):  $2.00 each, (in the field): by the pound).                

Great Colorado Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are available for commercial and large volume buyers. Please contact us for prices.
You will find the Pumpkin Patch field full of Jack-O-Lantern size pumpkins perfect for carving. At the stand there are lots of Jack- Be-Little’s and other small pumpkins just right for tiny toddler hands. There are lots of gourds, Indian corn, corn stalks and straw bales for your fall decorating.
Pink Pumpkin Patch Contributing to Breast Cancer Research Tigges Farm is partnering with the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation based out of Rocky Ford, Colorado, The foundation, formed in 2012, oversees the donations and ensures that the funds go directly to reputable organizations with the highest percentage of dollars spent on actual research. It is transparent, with a board of volunteers, no paid employees and low administrative costs. Tigges Farm is proud to join pumpkin grower’s throughout America promoting visual “hope” - to see a pink pumpkin on every porch expressing “hope” in seeing an end to this disease. A percentage of every pink pumpkin sold at Tigges Farm will be donated to cancer research. Robert and Mary Tigges, parents of Tigges Farm partners, Ken Tigges, Gale Loeffler and Kathy Rickart, were taken by this heartless disease. These pumpkins share the desire to fight this disease that directly and indirectly affects all people at some point in their life whether it is breast cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, skin cancer or brain cancer. If a life is taken, it is still “cancer.” No it’s not pink. It’s orange inside just like every other pumpkin, but it is a pie baking pumpkin too, so enjoy it on your porch over the fall season and then enjoy it as a pie.

More about The Colorado Pumpkin Patch

Starting the weekend the pumpkin patch opens, our food vendor, The Slawpy Barn, will be on site every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from noon to 5pm. There isn’t a food vendor at the farm any other times, but family picnics are most welcome. There is a snack area under the shelter near where they roast chilies that people are welcome to use. Soda, water and snacks are available for purchase at the stand. Field Trips for elementary schools, daycare, elder care and 4-H clubs, Cub & Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and at-risk adult and special needs youth groups may be scheduled and discounts are available. Middle and High School cooking, art and photography classes are welcome. There is a public restroom that is disabled accessible and a baby changing table is inside. For those wanting to go to the pumpkin patch and needing assistance walking, mobile assistance is available upon request. There are comfortable chairs outside where customers can wait on children that may want to take an eternity picking out pumpkins. You are welcome to sit down and wait. But be warned, we might plop down next to you (or on you ) and visit. Oh yes, there can be a cat of two wandering around the pumpkin patch or stand to the delight of most kids. Most love to be petted, but ask first.