Barn Quilt Gallery

What is a Barn Quilt? Well, it started in the mid-west when two sisters bought a farm. One sister said, "That barn is the ugliest barn I have ever seen." The other sister took that statement to task and painted a traditional quilt block on two 4'x 8' pieces of plywood to make an 8'x8' square. Mounted against the old barn wood, the quilt block took on a life of its own and suddenly turned that barn into a local tourist attraction. Then barn quilt blocks (based on actual quilt blocks) started popping up all over. It wasn't long and barn quilts were on the tour bus route. Farm artist, Kathy Rickart and Gale Loeffler, inspired by the lore of barn quilts began painting their own barn quilts. Each barn quilt shares a bit of Tigges Farm history. But.....for 2017, please excuse us if the first four barn quilt pictures below are missing. The extended spring full week rain soaked behind the four with the most exposure to the direction of the rain and were ruined. It might take a year to repaint them.
Colorado Barn Quilt Block This quilt block is the State Flower of Colorado - the Columbine. Artist - Kathy Rickart - 2014 The Pumpkin Barn Quilt Block What would a pumpkin patch farm be without a pumpkin quilt block? Instead on four orange pumpkins, one was painted pink in memory of family member that have passed away from cancer. Robert David Tigges – October 4, 1986 Erma Anna (Hallmark)Rickart – June 4, 1993 Marian (Etter) Mosty – October 19, 2001 Mary Magdalina(Lind) Tigges – July 7, 2008 Martha Roma (Lind-Goss)Matula – March 30, 2010 Karla Mae (Brinkman) Lind – August 6, 2013 Artist - Kathy Rickart, 2014 Tumbling Roasted Chile Quilt Block This is an adaptation of the "Indian Puzzle Quilt Block." Since the best chilies are grown and roasted at Tigges Farm, it just seemed like one block should represent chiles tumbling as they are fire roasted. It is a twist on the traditional block. Artist - Kathy Rickart - 2014 The Country Farm Tigges Farm was established in 1936 by Phillip and Lucy Tigges when they made their home in Colorado. The farm has been in the family for 3 generations. The light green is the field being planted with the faith of a farmer. The dark green is the summer and growing plants. The orange, red and yellow is the fall harvest - God's abundant blessings. Artist - Kathy Rickart, 2014 The Square Dance This block celebrated the Official State Dance of Colorado - the Square Dance. Both Kathy Rickart and Gale Loeffler were dancers on the Aggie Haylofter Exhibition teams while attending Colorado State University. Gale was also a Central City, Colorado Exhibition Dancer. It shows the bright colors of the outfits and intricate pattern of the dance - an art set to music. Artist - Gale Loeffler - 2015 The County Fair Ken Tigges, Gale Loeffler and Kathy Rickart all were 10 Year 4-H Members of Weld County. Each year they exhibited at the Weld County Fair as a part of completing their 4-H projects. This block represents the rosette ribbons that are awarded during County Fairs to Grand Champions. Grandchildren have also participated in country fairs in Colorado and won their share of ribbons too. Artist - Gale Loeffler - 2015 Fishing This block pattern was clipped form the Denver Post around 60 years ago. Tigges Farm ancestors helped bring water to this area and family members have served on the Whitney Irrigation Ditch Board for decades. Robert Tigges & Ken Tigges, both served terms as President. Fishing can be found along Cache La Poudre River than runs along the southern border of the farm. Artist - Gale Loeffler - 2015 Schoolhouse This block is a memory block. It is in memory of Robert and Mary Tigges, 2nd generation owners of the farm. The Schoolhouse block was a favorite of Robert Tigges and all three Tigges kids, Ken, Gale and Kathy attended the red brick schoolhouse known as Bracewell School. The spools of thread surrounding the schoolhouse depict the seamstress skills of Mary Tigges. She made garments for her children, taught them and many people in the community how to sew. Artist - Kathy Rickart - 2015 Lone Pine Tree This block celebrates the "Tigges Family Tree." The brown triangles represent pine cones. Each brown pine cone represents 3 generations born to this family tree of Robert and Mary Tigges. When the 4th generation starts arriving, I guess we'll have to repaint some green triangles brown. Artist - Kathy Rickart - 2018
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