The farm is east of Windsor Colorado but we have customers from all of the cities around Windsor including Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Wellington, Longmont. Watch for us at the Farmers Market in Windsor, Greeley and Loveland. We have roasted chilies (chiles), fresh produce, and of course, the pumpkin patch. Tigges Farm Produce 12404 WCR 64 ½, Greeley, Colorado 80631 Text or Call (year around): 970-576-8970 Email: Phone: (Aug-Oct, 10am -6pm) 970-686-7225 Email:

Field Trips To Tigges Farm

Elementary School and Daycare Field Trips

Elementary Schools and Daycares (large or small home) can schedule a field trip to the farm. There is a discount on the small pumpkins for the kids and teachers. The medium and large pumpkins will remain at the regular price. The field trip should be pre-scheduled by calling the farm at 970-686-7225. When scheduling you will be asked: Name and address of School or Daycare Estimated number of youth attending Age or grade of youth Contact person name and phone number On the second page of the Information Letter is reference to a Pumpkin Patch Activity and a Tigges Farm Scavenger Hunt. Click each name to download that page. The field trip consists of: Storybook will be read to the children upon arrival. Some schools have had a professional story tellers come in and that is great and up to the schools to schedule. A little information about the farm and no more than 3 rules to remember. Baskets will be given to measure the right size pumpkin to pick. Wagons will be available to take to the field to load pumpkins for return to starting point.
Teacher Education Packets You can download the following educational sheets to enhance the trips to the farm. Creating a Science Fair Display Science Fair 1 - Getting Started Science Fair 2 - Display Chile Pepper Educational Sheets The Story of Chile Peppers Chile Pepper Facts & Crossword Puzzle Chile Fun Maze Growing Chile Pepper Plants Indoors Science Fair - Chile Pepper Ideas Pumpkin Educational Sheets Pumpkin Seed Mosaics Pumpkin Play Dough Pumpkin Facts Pumpkin Poetry and Songs Pumpkin Life Cycle The Farm Equipment Museum is along the path to the pumpkin patch and there is a guide booklet with information about each pieces of equipment. You are welcome to borrow one. Bring a camera as there are lots of picture places along the way. There is a public restroom available. There are several picnic tables and groups are welcome to bring snacks and use them. This is a working farm and bees do pollinate the flowers of the plants. Sometimes they are pesky and try to bother visitors so be prepared if one is persistent. It’s a good idea to not wear floral based perfumes.
Adult Daycare or Homes, Disabled and at-risk Groups Visits Adult Day Care, Disabled and at-risk Discount Options are: 1. 1 small to medium field pumpkin free per day care adult if financially unable to pay. 2. 1 small field pie pumpkin for .75 or 1 medium field pumpkin for .15lb per day dare adult if they want to pay. The produce stand is disabled accessible and vans are welcome to unload and load close to the stand rather than in the parking lot for those who use mobile assistance equipment. If mobile assistance is needed to go to the pumpkin patch it may be requested inside the produce stand. There is a disabled accessible bathroom available. Elder daycares or homes that have vans are welcome to drive to the pumpkin patch and park close to the patch. Please stop at the produce stand first for instructions. If elder groups are just on an outing and do not get out of the van that is okay during the weekdays, but not the weekends in October. Stop at the stand for direction to make a driving loop of the farm. If they would like a staff member to ride and talk about the farm, please schedule ahead otherwise it might not be possible. Sometimes there is only one person staffing the produce stand.
Extended Classroom Visits Schools are most welcome to use the farm for an extended classroom. Schools have held: Art and Sketching classes. Mad bird or boy or trick photo? Fresh Produce purchase classes (learning about pie baking pumpkins and then baking a pie back in their classroom or learning about variety of chilies and watching them being roasted.) Photography classes (lots of machinery for creative photos and even staff has fun with the camera). It’s a bird? It’s an angry bird? Nah - It’s a kid
Youth Groups Youth groups such as 4-H, Cub & Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts & Church Groups are welcome to schedule trips to the farm and will receive the same discount as the Elementary of Daycare groups if pre-scheduled. Download Information Letter Above. Youth groups purchasing in quantity for fun raisers should call 970-686-7225 for prices and procedures picking and for weighing.
Birthday Parties Birthday parties are welcome at the farm and we request they be pre-scheduled by calling the farm @ 970-686-7225. There is no charge. There is a large cooler to keep a cake cool until needed and a freezer for ice cream. There are tables and chairs to accommodate groups up to 60 located under the sheltered area. You need to provide your own decorations, table covering and plastic/paper service. There is soda and water available for purchase and you are welcome to bring your own drinks. The only thing we cannot guarantee is the weather and there is not an indoor facility available for back-up. There is no charge to use for parties, but do appreciate notice if the party is canceled so the open date can be rescheduled. Other Groups Other groups, such as family reunions, office parties, tour groups and even club meetings are welcome to schedule the farm as a place to gather. If it is a large group or you want to use the Quonset, please call for reservations 970-686-7225. We start taking reservations August 1 for August through October.
Tour Groups Commercial Tour Groups are welcome at the farm the afternoons the last weekend of September and each weekend in October if you want to enjoy the events and activities at the farm. Click for Calendar of Events Schedule. Weekday and morning stops are welcome too, but there are no scheduled events or activities on weekdays or mornings. There is plenty of parking for buses (when we have a heads up first at 970-686-7225) and the farm is all decked out for a delightful, warm fall treat! The price is right with no admission fee and weekend events and activities are free also. Plan time to go to the Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch and visit to the Gift Shop. Have a marking pen handy to write tourist names on bottom of pumpkins they pick or they can be put in the shopping bags and names written on the bags. Pumpkins will ride in the bottom bay cargo/suitcase area just fine. We will be glad to provide some boxes to keep them from rolling – just ask! There is a public restroom, ADA handicapped accessible. Please give us a “heads up call” 970-686-7225 and we can better serve you group.